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Simplified medically
designed skincare

Effective skincare doesn’t have to be complex. Designed by a plastic surgeon who specialises in trauma reconstruction, scarring, and burn treatment, Hernuvin keeps your skin healthy – in as few steps as possible.

Hernuvin Medical

Women undergoing cancer treatment need to conserve energy to focus on their health. That’s why we’ve simplified the skincare process, so you can spend more time on caring for yourself. Chemotherapy and anit-hormonal treatment can accelerate cellular aging, which has a major impact on the appearance of your skin. Our Medical range provides symptomatic relief for the effects of cancer treatment and oestrogen depletion – including red and sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, dryness, brittle nails, hair loss, and UV sensitivity.

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The science behind Hernuvin

The best way to look after your skin, is to help your skin look after itself. Hernuvin products are formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients, designed to improve your skin’s resilience. We never deviate from the skin’s pH, ensuring the acid mantle, which creates a protective barrier between your skin and the outside world, remains intact.

Hernuvin Concept Salon

Experience Hernuvin skincare treatments at our concept salon and retail outlet, located inside the Breast Care Centre of Excellence, Milpark Hospital, Johannesburg. We offer in-depth skin analysis and consultations, to help you build the simplest, most effective skincare routine.

The Hernuvin range is all about trying to help people address a true need, a need that is not necessarily only cosmetic or aesthetic. – Dr Hugo Nel

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