About Us

“The Hernuvin range is all about trying to help people address a true need, a need that is not necessarily only cosmetic or aesthetic.”
– Dr Hugo Nel


Dr Hugo Nel

Dr Hugo Nel is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a wealth of experience in skincare research and development, and the original designer of the award-winning skincare ranges. Dr Nel focuses on the treatment and invigoration of normal skin as well as skin that requires specialised attention due to illness or hormone depletion.

Dr Marna Kuhn

Dr Marna Kuhn is an ⁠⁠⁠anaesthetist who is also the very first Hernuvin Hero. As a breast cancer survivor, Dr Kuhn is the original inspiration for Hernuvin, playing an insightful and crucial role in the development of the Hernuvin skincare range as she drew from her own first-hand experience as a patient undergoing cancer treatment.