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Feel-Good Skin Care Created by Cancer Warrior

Feel-Good Skin Care Created by Cancer Warrior

ONE WAY TO support patients and survivors? Meeting their needs. Our Hernuvin Skin Care Range does that and more. Hernuvin was created for a breast cancer survivor as an antidote to products that don’t necessarily consider the circumstances and desires of people dealing with or recovering from the disease. But here’s a twist: Hernuvin actually works for everyone.

Hernuvin is Cancer Survivorship Focused, meaning:

  • We aim to help cancer patients feel more normal with a skin care range that works
  • We aim to help cancer patients comply better with cancer treatment through a Hernuvin Salon that has been specifically set up for Breast Cancer Patients

The warrior behind it: Dr Marna Kühn

The Hernuvin concept was born when Dr Marna Kühn (Anaesthetist) was diagnosed with breast cancer and experienced the terrible effects of chemotherapy and Tamoxifen. At the time, Marna was working with Dr Hugo Nel, a plastic surgeon who was involved with skin care development for more than fifteen years. Using his wealth of experience in skin care research and development, Dr Nel focused on developing a skin care range to help treat and invigorate Marna’s skin during cancer treatment. Marna played an insightful and crucial role in the development of the Hernuvin skin care range as she drew from her own first-hand experience as a patient undergoing cancer treatment. Dr Nel was also able to see first-hand the results of Hernuvin. It was a success and today, Hernuvin forms part of many cancer survivorship programmes (including her own of course).
The Hernuvin Skin Care Range is organic, minimalist, nourishing, and safe for cancer patients.
Hernuvin goes a step further….

A One-of-a-Kind Salon That Helps Breast Cancer Patients

Run by Cosmotologist, Liri Victor, the Hernuvin Salon is based at the Milpark Hospital’s Breast Care Center for Excellence (the “spiritual home” of Hernuvin). Liri works with patients to meet their specific skin requirements.  Additionally, Liri has added a range of holistic cosmetics and products to enhance the needs of her patients.  Wigs, eye lashes, nails – Liri offers it all.

Anyone battling a dull complexion — whether from breast cancer or run-of-the-mill daily life — will love our radiance-boosting skincare range that de-ages you as you go about your day!

You can shop the Hernuvin Skin Care Range online. View our range here.

To book a skin care pamper session at the Hernuvin Salon, please contact Liri Victor for more information:


We recommend Hernuvin Wash  as an effective yet simple solution for cleansing…

  • the face
  • the scalp
  • the hair
  • the body

After your wash, we recommend Hernuvin Moisturiser to “reduce inflammation and hydrate your skin”. This immediately soothes, hydrates and reduces the risk of infection.  Hernuvin Moisturiser can be applied for immediate relief to red inflamed skin. It is preservative and perfume-free, and offers rich hydration. Previously well tolerated perfumes and creams may irritate vulnerable healing skin, so stick to calming, hydrating products that are created for sensitive skin, to reduce the risk of sensitisation and allergy.

Great effort has been made to ensure that the Hernuvin range is effective, yet as gentle and supportive as possible so as not to interfere with cancer management in any way. It has been specifically developed for sensitive skin and has proven to be safe and effective during cancer treatment.

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[su_quote]The Hernuvin range is all about trying to help people address a true need, a need that is not necessarily only cosmetic or aesthetic.” – Dr Hugo Nel[/su_quote]

Medically designed and scientifically formulated by a specialist plastic surgeon (whose anaesthetist is a breast cancer survivor), Hernuvin is specifically formulated to address the side effects of Chemotherapy and traumatised skin.

Whether your skin is normal, showing the signs of ageing or recovering from the effects of chemotherapy and estrogen depletion, the Hernuvin Skin Care Range offers a simple skin care regime that facilitates the restoration of ailing skin, as well as providing effective prevention and protective assistance for all skin types.

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