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The importance of skin care during cancer treatment

The importance of skin care during cancer treatment

Chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer treatments can cause skin reactions, such as:

  • Dry / Itching Skin
  • Face Rash
  • Radiation Recall
  • Hand-Foot Syndrome
  • Fingernail Issues
  • Dark, Puffy Under-eye Issues

Don’t leave your skin untreated because you think it’s “just part of the treatment” or that it will get better on its own; or even worse, try a whole host of products that have no effect or, cause more damage.

As a specialist skin care salon for women undergoing cancer treatment, we share 3 tips on what you can do to protect your skin:

  1. Being aware of the potential skin issues is half the battle.
  2. When it comes to cancer treatments, we’ve all heard about the nausea and hair loss, but most of us have not heard about what may happen to the skin.  We found that nearly a third of cancer patients coming to our skin care salon experienced unexpected Dry Skin and Skin Irritation. By being aware of the potential side effects, people battling cancer can minimise the emotional stress often caused by these skin issues.
  3. A good preventative regimen of gentle, pure skin care can help avoid or minimise many of the side-effects of treatment.
  4. Regimens started after skin issues have appeared can be quite effective as well, but it’s always best to start a good regimen before the appearance of any skin issues.
  5. What to look for in skin care during chemo:
    1. Avoid exfoliants and harsh scrubs when undergoing chemo.
    2. Use hypo-allergenic products to avoid bombarding your skin with new potential allergens.
    3. Avoid harsh chemicals, dyes, or perfumes
    4. Look for skin care that delivers moisture & hydration

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[su_quote]The Hernuvin range is all about trying to help people address a true need, a need that is not necessarily only cosmetic or aesthetic.” – Dr Hugo Nel[/su_quote]

Medically designed and scientifically formulated by a specialist plastic surgeon (whose anaesthetist is a breast cancer survivor), Hernuvin is specifically formulated to address the side effects of Chemotherapy and traumatised skin.

Whether your skin is normal, showing the signs of ageing or recovering from the effects of chemotherapy and estrogen depletion, the Hernuvin Skin Care Range offers a simple skin care regime that facilitates the restoration of ailing skin, as well as providing effective prevention and protective assistance for all skin types.

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