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Book Review: Breast Cancer – There’s Something I Need to Get Off My Chest

You Just Got Diagnosed With Breast Cancer and You Need Answers and Guidance Now…

If you’re a tightrope walker, you never look down. Where your eyes go, so goes your body. If you race cars, it’s the same thing. You only look where you want to go. If you look at the wall, that’s where you will end up. In Dr. Annette Richard’s book, Breast Cancer – There’s Something I Need to Get Off My Chest , she shows you have to put the blinders on when first receiving a breast cancer diagnosis by looking forward at some fabulous imagined future for yourself. Instead of imagining the worst, Dr. Richards explains how you should put being done with your treatment in your imagination instead. Relaxing with family and loved ones and saying “Wow. I’m amazing. I did this. I’m empowered. I advocated. I am a survivor.”

In this book, Dr. Richards explains how many women, after surviving breast cancer, want to give back; they want to help other women. They feel stronger than when they were first diagnosed, and they want to help others feel the same way. That is where you really want to imagine yourself. Not all the little side steps along the way, but whatever that picture is for you. Come up with an imagined future where this is over and you are stronger than when you first started and keep that the focus of your journey. The author’s greatest wish for you is for you to become your own self-advocate and become empowered during your breast cancer journey.

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