Chemo Kits

Consider these practical items to assist you in dealing with your chemotherapy journey. They could help off-set some of the unpleasant side effects of chemo treatment such as cold hands and feet, nausea and sensitive teeth, among others.

Thick, Warm Socks

People undergoing treatment can experience very cold extremities. Thick, soft-bed socks can help warming up your feet and toes and make them feel more cosy and comfortable.

Sherbet Fruit Sweets

People undergoing chemotherapy treatment often experience a dry mouth and an unpleasant metallic taste. Sherbet fruit sweets can help to alleviate this symptom.

Sensitive Toothpaste

Many chemotherapy patients suffer from sensitive teeth, so as well as freshening their mouth and taking away unpleasant tastes, this can help reduce the painful sensitivity.

Anti-Bacterial hand sanitiser

During treatment, immune systems can be weakened, so taking steps to kill germs is important.

Notebook and Pen

Keeping track of hospital visits and doctors’ appointments can be a challenge, so a small notebook and pen are just what’s needed to keep on top of it all.

Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

This can help to alleviate the experience of an unpleasant metallic taste, and help to feel fresher.

Packet of Tissues

Chemotherapy can be emotionally draining. Access to a packet of tissues is important when times are tough for patients and their families.

Sleep Mask

Good sleep is always important, but no more so than when someone’s unwell. A sleep mask helps to block out any unwanted light when you need to take a nap.

Hand Cream

Dry skin is a common side effect of chemotherapy, both during and after treatment. A small, unscented hand cream is perfect to soothe dry and chapped hands.

Lip Balm

A moisturising lip balm to soothe dry, chapped lips, which can be a side effect of cancer treatments.

Ginger Tea

Nausea is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment, and ginger tea is a healthy way to soothe the discomfort. Caffeine-free teas are relaxing and don’t interfere with much-needed sleep.

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